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Truths Holistic Interactive Retrospect Transcendental Electromagnetism Enslavers Nemesis

“A little learning is a dangerous thing;
Drink deep and taste not the Pierian spring;
There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain;
And drinking largely sobers us again.”

Alexander Pope 1688 - 1744


Of the opinion I did not comprehend the concept cause and effect brings us here            


Truths Holistic Interactive Retrospect Transcendental Electromagnetism Enslavers Nemesis
Fiduciary Responsibly Accountable Nefarious Kink

Frank George Gallagher
1942 - 201-
Not dead yet, but with senator's threat


My personal trek for Justice began 6/30/05 decidedly no chance for personal recompense, but the evidence collected along the way offers the intuitive the opportunity to finally end the 
Struggle of Humankind

The Canadian government legal system (misnomer) has been thoroughly tested and documented irrefutably proven to be consistent with the corporate worlds

Facts must have root 2 take root God coherency "Catch 22" must have semblance 2 catch doG chase tail

Tag 13 
Traditions Attorney General
A stitch in time saves nine



Responsibly Unaccountable Nuances Subterfuge

Attorney General, guardian of the public interest

13.  (1)  The Attorney General for Ontario shall serve as the guardian of the public interest in all matters within the scope of this Act or having to do in any way with the practice of law in Ontario or the provision of legal services in Ontario, and for this purpose he or she may at any time require the production of any document or thing pertaining to the affairs of the Society. R.S.O. 1990, c. L.8, s. 13 (1); 1998, c. 21, s. 7 (1); 2006, c. 21, Sched. C, s. 13.

(2)  No admission of any person in any document or thing produced under subsection (1) is admissible in evidence against that person in any proceedings other than proceedings under this Act. R.S.O. 1990, c. L.8, s. 13 (2); 1998, c. 21, s. 7 (2).

Protection of Minister

(3)  No person who is or has been the Attorney General for Ontario is subject to any proceedings of the Society or to any penalty imposed under this Act for anything done by him or her while exercising the functions of such office. R.S.O. 1990, c. L.8, s. 13 (3); 1998, c. 21, s. 7 (3).


Accountable is Responsible Responsible is Accountable


15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and
has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law
without discrimination
and, in particular,
without discrimination
based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.


 31. Nothing in this Charter extends the legislative powers of any body or authority
32. (1) This Charter applies
(a) to the Parliament and government of Canada in respect of all matters within the authority of Parliament including all matters relating to the Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories; and
(b) to the legislature and government of each province in respect of all matters within the authority of the legislature of each province.


An important part of the Crown's - and thus the Attorney General's - responsibility in conducting criminal prosecutions
is associated with the responsibility
to represent the public interest -
which includes not only
the community as a whole and
the victim,
also the accused.

The Crown has a distinct responsibility to the court to present all the credible evidence available.






With health greatly waning it became apparent I would not have the physical or mental capacity to achieve my goal to polarize
via the meticulously planned Docket 13
 legal certainty agenda

Plans of mice ... and mere mortal

However what I observed was a most effective efficient court personnel giving me confidence such a court can materialize should I or anyone find the
Apposite Approach
to cause them to venture the 
Outside Routine Box Intrinsic Truths Reverse Osmosis Psychosis

Hell I experienced ERA - Empathy Readily Available exercised to accomodate my ailing condition providing what I would like to believe far more time to recuperate than will be necessary
I do not lose sight of the Doom looming fact intended to prevent, most apt to eventualize prior to my return September 10 2013, that could well suggest they are magnificently cunning complicit in the conspiracy integral players to the certainty of the SNOW - Satanic New Order World

That is to say
Political Religious Intellectual Charlatan Kleptoracy inciting Fickle Inherent Bias Ignorant Bliss
Is front and center as is my inherent bias, that prefers to read positive to self that inherently negates the probability of positivity through hindsight

I have determined that in some manner
I must have the Attorney General publicly respond being his responsibility to do so, 
so that we of the eccentric can understand relinquishing our stand though intended to bring together only segregates causing needless chaos ceding to
Sane Insanity Normalcy 


Oft I forget the Attorney General has the
Responsibly Unaccountable Nuances Subterfuge 

Satanic Elite World Attorney General Exposed


As chief law officer, the Attorney General has a
special responsibility
to be the guardian of that most elusive concept
- the rule of law.
The rule of law is a well established legal principle, but
hard to easily define.
It is the rule of law
that protects individuals, and society as a whole,
from arbitrary measures and safeguards personal liberties.


The responsibility is to present the case fairly - not necessarily to convict.


Ultimately the Attorney General
accountable to the people of the province,
through the Legislature,
for decisions relating to criminal prosecutions.
Such accountability can only occur, of course, once the prosecution is completed or when a final decision has been made not to prosecute.
The sub judicae rule bars any comment on a matter before the courts that is likely to influence the matter.
The sub judicae rule strictly prohibits the Attorney General from commenting on prosecutions that are before the courts.
Given the stature of the Attorney General's position, any public comment coming from the office would be seen as an attempt to influence the case.

But the legislature gave the Attorney general the 13 RUNS


One of the Attorney General's responsibilities in
fostering public respect for the rule of law,
is to assist the public in understanding the nature and limits of the prosecutorial function.



We would like to hear from Attorney General how he goes about fostering public respect for the Legal Certainty of 
that most elusive concept – the Rule of Law 
which the pro cons find hard to easily define to a state of meaningless consistent with the manner in which they reduced the magnificent God given brain



The Code of Hammurabi is a well-preserved Babylonian law code, dating back to about 1772 BC. It is one of the oldest deciphered writings of significant length in the world. The sixth Babylonian king, Hammurabi, enacted the code, and partial copies exist on a human-sized stone stele and various clay tablets. The Code consists of 282 laws, with scaled punishments, adjusting "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" (lex talionis)[1] as graded depending on social status, of slave versus free man.[2]

Nearly one-half of the Code deals with matters of contract, establishing for example the wages to be paid to an ox driver or a surgeon. Other provisions set the terms of a transaction, establishing the liability of a builder for a house that collapses, for example, or property that is damaged while left in the care of another. A third of the code addresses issues concerning household and family relationships such as inheritance, divorce, paternity and sexual behavior. 

Only one provision appears to impose obligations on an official;
this provision establishes that 
a judge
who reaches an incorrect decision 
is to be fined and removed from the bench permanently.

A handful of provisions address issues related to military service.

One nearly complete example of the Code survives today, on a diorite stele in the shape of a huge index finger,[4] 2.25 m or 7.4 ft tall (see images at right). The Code is inscribed in the Akkadian language, using cuneiform script carved into the stele. It is currently on display in The Louvre, with exact replicas in the Oriental Institute in the University of Chicago, the library of the Theological University of the Reformed Churches (Dutch: Theologische Universiteit Kampen voor de Gereformeerde Kerken) in The Netherlands and the Pergamon Museum of Berlin.

Provision One Enough

Rule of Law

The Rule of law in its most basic form is no one is above the law.
Perhaps the most important application of the rule of law is the principle that governmental authority is legitimately exercised only in accordance with, 
publicly disclosed laws, 
adopted and enforced in accordance with established procedural steps that are referred to as due process.
The rule of law is hostile to dictatorship and to anarchy.
According to modern Anglo-American thinking, hallmarks of adherence to the rule of law commonly include 
a clear separation of powers,
legal certainty,

the principle of legitimate expectation and equality of all before the law.
The concept is not without controversy, and it has been said that 
"the phrase the rule of law has become 
meaningless thanks to ideological abuse and general over- use"

General Over-use Proclamations Only Elusivity

publicly disclosed laws
52. (1) The Constitution of Canada is the supreme law of Canada,
and any law that is inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution 
to the extent of the inconsistency, 
of no force or effect.